Floriane Rousselot is a French Art Director & Type Designer currently based in Marseille.

She founded Typelab Foundry, an independent type foundry highlighting fonts from designers all around the world, and NOISE magazine, a Series of article focusing on Mental Health in the creative industry. She’s specialised in Type Design, Art Direction, Branding & Web Design in Fashion, Tech, Music and Design universe.

She previously worked at Yard Paris and It’s Nice That.


  • Nike
  • Instagram
  • Dress X
  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Universal Music
  • Lancôme
  • Infinity Studio
  • Monstart Label
  • Support Magazine

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Creative Campaign

Global Campaign

TYPELAB is a type foundry created in 2019, highlighting fonts designed by young designers from all around the world. Each year TYPELAB launch a new collection of fonts just like a fahsion brand, the foundry consider each font as a luxury digital object. The tone for the last two years was to bring typography into a stronger digital universe, and moreover into 3D, to show typography is not only a print tool anymore. The last two campaigns for the launch collections has been designed to highlight each font as a precious element, no more just as a graphic element, but a real source of emotion. The digital campaigns and 3D assets has been developed in collaboration with Steffen Bewer and Clément Perdigon. The 3D Interactive Experience has been developed in collaboration with Jonas Fuerste.

Space Collection Campaign
3D transparent shapes reflecting in water WEAVE Collection 3D visuals
3D transparent shapes reflecting in water WEAVE Collection 3D visuals
WEAVE 3D Interactive Exeprience